About Us

Surplusmetalfab.ca is Canada’s #1 Metal products and fabrication Industry Specific Multivendor Marketplace. We offer unique features like POS business solutions built into our platform no one else can offer metal/fabrication industry sellers. We also offer built in payments through our partner Stripe. No hassle payment that goes directly into your bank account. We offer built in shipping for everything from an envelope, parcel to pallets or crates LTL shipping services. Simply put it allows everyone in the metal products and fabrication industry to buy, sell, auction, and request construction products on the web.

The original concept and idea came out of necessity to downsize a significant inventory for our founder in the electrical industry and before long the more we created the more possibilities became known. Surpluselectrical.ca soon became very busy and the warehouse operations grew quickly. The actual business model was realized, and the site and warehouse operations were sold just 3 years after being created. You just need a place to sell metalfab industry related products, equipment, tools, documentation or even software products. Do you want to save money on purchases or find that metalfab equipment you need?

Reduce, Re-use and recycle your way towards net zero! Yes, our platform is the epitome of the circular economy initiative to assist in the reduction of Canada’s businesses carbon footprints. Currently this initiative is costing companies money, we are here to offer a solution to recover the costs to support this worthwhile initiative and even profit from it.

We are not alone and supported by the Surpluscentral.ca family! Yes, that is right there is more than just one surplus platform out there. In fact, from Surpluscentral you gain instant access to all our surplus family platforms by simply typing what you need in the search bar. Surpluscentral.ca will display each site that contains these products along with their prices! Our business family benefits from each other’s experiences, knowledge and of course marketing our unique brand. The surplus family provides financial, management and even emotional support to grow your new business.

Contact us today and get your future launched in a matter of just a couple of weeks, that right, we said weeks! Normally a platform like this this would take months to build and even longer to perfect for full business functionality!

There are many diverse types of users that can utilize our Oil and Gas Multivendor Marketplace including but not limited to Manufacturer’s, Agents, Wholesalers or Distributors, Oil and Gas companies, Retailers, Rental businesses, Surplus businesses, Government, Facility Owners, Contractors, oil and gas workers, and even Financiers.